Saturday, February 27, 2010

This rally looks technically ok - for now

Three weeks ago, I called for the end of the little correction we had experienced in the beginning of the year, and the reason was mostly technical. Today, I cannot find a technical reason to call for the end of this three week old rally: market breadth and internals are quite good (see this post to understand why these indicators should be followed). Sentiment used to be ultra-bullish, which was bearish. It is not anymore. Most of the liquidity indicators I follow have turned up. Volume is lacking, but it has been lacking since the March 09 bottom.

The fundamentals however are deteriorating. Leading economic indicators around the world look toppy, Greece is only the beginning of a multi-year (multi-decade ?) long round of sovereign credit problems, and the financial sector is likely to face renewed troubles due to fading official support and high default rates in commercial and residential real estate (why does everyone thinks that because banks are paying huge bonuses then they must be fine? This is simply flawed logic). Add to this stretched valuations and soon-to-be fading policy stimulus, and voilà! you have a recipe for some choppy waters in risk assets.

But for now, Mr. Market just doesn't seem to care, and the path of least resistance seems to be up.

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